Reclaiming Our Heritage Through Coffee

Sāe Coffee Studio is our love letter to self-discovery.

Becoming in charge of our own destiny.

A life that is defined by who we are and what has brought joy in our lives. Both of us fell in love with Specialty Coffee and became passionate about sharing that experience with others.

Learning the Craft

Our journey started by taking courses with leading industry experts spanning from Sensory to Roast. We spent numerous hours across key industry events to learn and build relationships with people in the industry. After passing 21 exams, both of us earned our Q-Grader License, a certification only 8,000 people hold across the globe. This year, Minju was selected to become an International Judge through the Cup of Excellence and Good Food Awards.

Building a Brand that Celebrates Producers & Farm Workers Around the World.

We both come from families that carry a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and hard work. In coffee, there’s intentionality in each step from seed to cup. Quality you experience is heavily influenced by the work of producers and farm workers, which is why we built a business to create a stage to celebrate their artistry.

Be Part of Our Journey

Our experiences in Hospitality, Marketing and Tech have made it possible to spread the appreciation and craft behind coffee.

Join us for in-person gatherings at your nearest city to taste some of the best coffees from around the world.

These events are invitation-only and exclusive for our Sāe Society Members.

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