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What is 88+ point coffee?

Coffee is objectively scored on a scale from 0 - 100.

Any coffee that receives a total score above 80 points is deemed Specialty Coffee.

Any coffee that receives a total score below 80 points is deemed Commercial.

Majority of Specialty Coffee Brands across the world source beans that score between 80 - 86 points.

Below 80 points
Commercial Rating
80 - 83.9 points
Standard Specialty Rating
84 - 87.9 points
Good Specialty Rating
88 - 100 points
Outstanding Specialty Rating
< 80 pts
80 - 83.9 pts
84 - 87.9 pts
88 - 100 pts
< 80 pts
Commerical Rating
80 - 83.9 pts
Basic Specialty Rating
84 - 87.9 pts
Very Good Specialty Rating
88 - 100 pts
Outstanding Specialty Rating
You didn't realize coffee could taste like this! We get a lot of... "I don't feel the need to add sugar or cream." Coffee that achieves these scores tastes smooth, carry a nice acidity, with no bitter aftertaste. You'll want to savor every drop.

About the Quality Score

Coffee is scored from 0 - 10 points across each of these categories.

Our business model puts the transparency around the quality score to the forefront so more producers can prosper.

  • Aroma /Fragrance
  • Flavor, Aftertaste, Acidity, Body, Sweetness
  • No Defects (Clean Cup), Balance, Uniformity and Overall

Responsibly Sourced Whole Beans

Our Single Origin Whole Beans are traceable down to a single lot. This is exclusive to Sāe; therefore available on a limited basis.

Experience the Nuances of Coffee

Our beans are intentionally roasted to reveal the coffee's terroir. We run multiple rounds of QC to ensure we crafted the best profile possible.


Confidently Brew Your Best Cup At Home

With beans at this quality, there is low risk of ruining the extraction. Just in case, you can schedule a 1:1 consultation with one of our Coffee Sommeliers.

Experience 88+ Point Coffees

You can order beans from our website or try them in-person at any of our tasting experiences.

All our releases have sold out within a month so be sure to get them while they last.

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